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How can a foreign accent affect you?

A foreign accent may sometimes interfere with job performance or in communication during daily life activities. It may also give the impression that you do not speak English fluently. Many professionals whose first language is not English may pronounce words differently from native speakers. This may impact communication efficiency with others in many situations including clarity over the telephone.

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What is accent reduction training?

Accent reduction training is a training method in which foreign born speakers of English modify their pronunciation, voice and intonation for clear communication in American English. This training is completed through the instruction of a specialized accent trainer. Improvement in clarity of speech facilitates effective communication in business, professional and social aspects of communication.

Who can benefit from accent reduction?

You can benefit. Many professions require clear speaking in order to ensure success. If your speech prevents effective communication, accent reduction can help you with speaking to supervisors, clients and colleagues. It can also help with presentations and telephone conversations in the workplace.

Benefits of accent reduction to an individual include:

Benefits of accent reduction to a business or employer:

Effective communication is crucial to successful business in today’s global marketplace. Through the movement towards globalization, the business world continues to change and the American workforce continues to diversify. As a result, difficulties in communication have transpired. Our goal is to unite communication between native English speakers and foreign born English speakers.